From the Ancient Tibetan Tradition, Natural Well-Being for the Body

By 101cosmetics

Published on April 5, 2021

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According to Tibetan knowledge, frequencies of sounds, vibrations and colors are part of the invisible world.

Each frequency is a piece of information that hits our conscience, our body and our mind. Natural elements such as water contain in them the ancient memory of life, a memory that reaches down to us from the beginning of time, from the beginning of all things; from when in the sea, immersed in water and in salt, life was born in our planet Earth.

Natural oils, original Himalayan salt, green ventilated clay, precious essential oils blend to generate a potent alchemy just like in the Tibetan position of the Mudra. In Tibetan, Mudra means Seal, Gesture that seals within us specific energies of transformation. The Mudras represent vehicles and portals to connect us to the psycho-physical energy of the entire universe at a deep level of regeneration and of new vitality. More specifically, the Mudras draw and direct the flow of vital energy through the body’s areas and systems they govern, such as breathing, circulation, digestion and toxin elimination. Deeva101, inspired by ancient Tibetan tradition for the holistic body line, has created the new name Moodra.

The Tibetan tradition has the purpose of helping the body restore the draining function of toxins of vital energy. This natural body purification process takes place thanks to the action of primordial substances, such as water, oil, earth and salt crystals. Our products are inspired on the ancient Tibetan tradition. Medicinal plants are selected and picked in full respect of balsamic times, in wild places and organic cultivations (from the heights of the Himalayas to the tropical forests of Tamil Nadu). The extracts are used whole, and not just their active principles. The purification process of the raw material consists in removing toxic substances emphasizing the VIRYA (power of plants) and the PRABHAVA (specific plant action).

The Moodra active principles are picked when their energy is the strongest, at dawn, in the 15 days following the end of the monsoons. No chemical residues or synthetic colours and perfumes are present, and neither are alcohol, and hormones. Preservatives are derived from plant substances and only where they are indispensable (creams) are used very light synthetic substances acknowledged as non-invasive for the body.

Moodra intends to be a method, and when we say Tibetan method we are actually not referring to a philosophy that contemplates only the spiritual and metaphysical aspect of reality. The Tibetan Method differs from the Western scientific approach only by the different terminology, so we speak of a scientific process of the body; there is only one aspect that diversifies the two knowledges. The West observes the body’s systems one at a time, all isolated from one another, while the Tibetan method has a global (holistic) view of all the functions.

The strength of this line consists, then, in using the vision of reducing blemishes in a global manner. The usual cosmetic products against cellulite only dissolve it. We go beyond, to the origin of the system dysfunction, following the Deva pathway (antistress); Tejas (Heat); Prithvi Jala (Fluids); Shakti Deva (Tissue regeneration). This creates a method we can define as holistic, because “holos” means “all”, and we intervene in all bodily dysfunctions.

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